Building an active and resilient coast-to-coast
community with Israel in heart and spirit

This Impact Report highlights a year of tremendous
opportunities, growth, activism, and innovation.

Shoham Nicolet

IAC Chief Executive Officer

Naty Saidoff

IAC Chairman of the Board


IAC National
Summit 2019

Last December, the IAC community met for its largest National
Summit, bringing together more than 4,200 Israeli and Jewish
Americans from across the nation and from Israel for three
dynamic days of inspiration, energy, and learning.


In mid-January, with a strong sense of how the spread of the
coronavirus could impact the US, the IAC began preparing the
organization for a new reality.. This planning and foresight enabled
the IAC to immediately move over 2,000 program participants into
online activities and to launch a set of new innovative programs under
the umbrella of IAC@Home.

Since March, the IAC has produced over 650 live events with over
65,000 participants. We have proudly maintained our commitment
to keep our community resilient, active and connected to Israel.

Dare to Act

The IAC Activism Team created a new set of engaging and
interactive courses, for middle schoolers through adults, with the
goals of building, educating, and activating the pro-Israel
community to combat antisemitism and anti-Zionsim.

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feel more
confident to act

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Participants Trained to
Combat Antisemitism


(teens, adults)



Activism in Action
California Ethnic Studies
Model Curriculum

Following last year’s massive community mobilization that
led to the rejection of an antisemitic and anti-Zionist model
curriculum, IAC’s latest campaign led to over 10,000 people
filing complaints with the California Board of Education
demanding assurances that the new Ethnic Studies
curriculum would not contain antisemitic or pro-BDS
narratives. The IAC is encouraged that the California
Governor vetoed the law that would mandate that Ethnic
Studies become a curriculum requirement. The organization
is committed to expand its fight against the threat of hostile
anti-Zionist rhetoric and content in public education.


Activists in Support of Israel
and the Jewish People

Activism Online

The IAC is a strategic partner and supporter
of Act.IL, an online community that mobilizes
on social media platforms, fighting
antisemitism and positively influencing the
narrative regarding Israel. This project is run
in partnership with IDC Herzliya, Israel.

Dare to Care
IAC Care

Since the launching of IAC Care in April, more than 1,000
Israeli-American volunteers joined our new community-
based, social-responsibility network.

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IAC Care volunteers adopted
more than 90 medical centers across the nation, delivering
thousands of warn meals and protective gear to the medical
teams on the frontlines.

Volunteers from IAC Care also delivered hundreds of warm
meals to isolated Holocaust survivors and people in need.




Meals served


Dare to Innovate

IAC360 blends the physical and virtual worlds by
delivering live and engaging learning experiences to
people of all ages. With this unique hybrid model, our
vision is to make Israel and Jewish learning cutting-edge,
accessible, and affordable to organizations as well as
communities around the globe.

OFEK HUB is our new interactive online platform that offers
Hebrew, Israeli culture and Jewish heritage classes and
experiences for all ages and levels. Each course brings the spirit
of Israel to the heart of every home.

Ofek makes Israel and Jewish education engaging, accessible
and affordable, allowing each student to continue a lifelong
Jewish educational journey, guided by the best teachers from
across the U.S. and Israel.


in Online Hebrew & Israeli
Enrichment Courses


When Congregation Beth Israel Colleyville, Texas was looking for
a new high-quality solution for their Hebrew School, they
reached out to OFEK, which is now providing Hebrew language
and Israel education to all of their students in grades K-9.

Connecting our young
generation to Israeli culture

Through engaging and interactive experiences, Keshet empowers
young Israeli and Jewish American children, ages 4-7, and their
families, to connect to Israel and each other through the Hebrew
language, Israeli culture and Jewish tradition.


Young Families in
Israel & Jewish



A whole new Israel TEEN
engagement program

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Teens Connected to Israel and
Jewih Identity through
Innovation and

IAC Eitanim brings together Jewish and Israeli-American middle
and high school students for an immersive, innovative, project-
based learning experience that fosters participants’
entrepreneurial, creative and leadership skills while
strengthening their connection to Israel, Jewish identity, and
ignites their “Israeliness.”

The new student leaders that bring
Israel to the heart of campuses
IAC Mishelanu


IAC Mishelanu Fellows bring
Israeli culture and Israel's positive
contributions to the world
impacting thousands of students
on nearly 100 campuses across
the United States.


An elite group of student
ambassadors who educate,
support and train students to
raise awareness and mobilize on
campus to combat antisemitism
and anti-Zionism messaging and
activity on campus.


college students
engaged in Israel
related activity




New Leaders and
Ambassadors on College

Activism in Action

Florida State University

After identifying antisemitic statements
on social media made by the student
body President of FSU, IAC Mishelanu
Ambasador Dana A., formed a coalition
of pro-Israel students leaders and
organizations to bring a stronger Jewish
voice to campus. Beyond the apology
and removal of the comments, both the
student Senate and FSU administration
adopted the IHRA definition of antisemitism.
For more information click here

A national network of young
professionals with Israel in heart

IAC EDGE is a national membership-based community of Israeli
and Jewish American young professionals, ages 22-42, who are
passionate about Israel and seek extraordinary networking
opportunities. IAC Lead, a community of young professional lay
leaders, helps run this program.


Young professionals


national members

First Israeli-American & Jewish Young Professionals National Summit

IAC Gvanim Leadership

Gvanim Leadership empowers Israeli- Americans to become
the next generation of leaders in the Israeli and Jewish-
American community. In this flagship program, which is led by
expert facilitators, participants explore issues related to Jewish
and hybrid identities, the Jewish-American landscape,
leadership challenges and culminates in initiatives within the
Jewish-Israeli-American community.


Community leaders
engage through Jewish
Learning experiences

The Community for IAC Parents

Understanding that parents are the key to
strengthening the Israeli and Jewish identities
of their children, the IAC launched ParenTeam
with a first-of-its-kind two day parenting e-summit,
which gathered over 3500 participants.
In partnership with IDC Herzliya, we brought
together prominent Israeli and American experts,
academics, psychologists, social workers,
thought leaders and parenting experts to
discuss questions of parenthood, identity,
as well as focused conversations on
COVID-19 on young families.

ParenTeam offers a variety of online courses
for small groups of parents. To join the
Israeli-American Parents group, click here.


Participated in virtual summits

The New Tomorrow
Innovation Summit

In June, the IAC and the Peres Center for Peace and Innovation brought together
extraordinary Israeli and American entrepreneurs, business leaders, academics and
thought leaders for a series of captivating discussions on our new reality in the wake
of the Coronavirus. More than 4000 people took part in the three-day E-summit.

Innovation in Education Summit

This time of unprecedented crisis also carries one of the most significant
opportunities the Jewish world has ever encountered.

To inspire change and innovation, the IAC brought together with Tel Aviv University
Online (TAU) - Innovative Learning Center educators from around the world for a
two-day E-Summit to reimagine the future of education. Together with senior
executives from EdTech and education innovation, leading academics and
practitioners over 4000 participants learned best practices and models to take back
to their informal and formal learning settings.

Women's Community Leadership
IAC Gvanim Ramon

IAC Gvanim Ramon is a community of Israeli and Jewish-
American women leaders. This yearlong program develops
paraticipants’ leadership skills as they become community
builders. The program features a mission to Israel, where they
focus on creating a deeper connection with their Jewish
identity and the impact on their families.


Connecting to Jewish Traditions,

Throughout the years, the IAC has created a special
formula that combines Jewish traditions and Israeli
culture. The result is a unique experience that brings
together Israeli and Jewish American families, who
connect to our heritage and traditions.

During the pandemic, we took these events to the next level,
bringing together more than thousands of families for a
series of national events that created a sense of hope,
togetherness, joy, and resiliency.


Shabbat, Jewish
Holidays and

“In their death, they commanded us to live”

Zikaron, or Remembrance, plays a central
part in Israeli culture and traditions.

Through our community-based memorial ceremonies and intimate group meetings,
we create powerful experiences that connect the community to Israeli and
Jewish heritage, history and core values.

This year, we had the first national Yom Hazikaron Ceremony, Israel’s Remembrance Day,
partnering with over 50 Jewish organizations, connecting 1400 families from coast-to-coast.

We held over a dozen virtual ba’salon or “living-room” conversations with more than 400
participants, They heard stories directly from Holocuast survivors
in a series of “Zikaron Basalon” events.

Through our Zochrim Umesparim program, Remembering and Telling, we also held “ living-
room” meetings in which people shared the stories of IDF fallen soldiers.



The Tzofim — Israeli Scouts — works to foster our next
generation’s passion for and connection to Israel,
strengthening their Jewish and Israeli identity.

This past year, the IAC provided nearly $450,000 in grants for the
Tzofim to dramatically increase the number of local chapters,
strengthen Hadracha training, and Hebrew-language summer camp.

“It has never been easier to collaborate with other Jewish
organizations in the U.S. and Israel. Setting up meetings, and
working around a shared goal, has never been more natural.
This crisis brings us together, with far more humility, and
keeps everyone’s eyes on our shared goal”

Shoham Nicolet, IAC CEO



Naty Saidoff
Chairman of the Board

Danny Alpert
Chairman Emeritus

Shawn Evenhaim
Chairman Emeritus

Adam Milstein
Chairman Emeritus

Prof. Avi Almozlino

Iris Hami

Yossie Hollander

Kfir Gavrieli

Alon Mor

Yossi Rabinovitz

Miri Shepher

Tal Shuster

Jacky Teplitzky


Chair: Dr. Susan Bondy
Shlomo Danieli
Nadav Razon
Uri Zelmanovich

Eyal Postelnik
Regional Director:
Shaked Angel

Moran Tairy
Lily Saad
Regional Manager:
Shelly Shwartz

Co-Chair: Prof. Avi Almozlino
Co-Chair: David Shimoni
Dr. Nily Abramowitz
Dror Avieli
Nir Caspi
Dorit Cohen
Isaac Edry
David Fine
Robert Mayer
Shira Ruderman
Dr. Daniel Serfaty
Dr. Sharon Shacham
Iris Schor
Gil Zimmermann
Regional Director:
Lital Carmel

Chair: Etty Dolgin
Jacob Kiferbaum
Dorit Raviv
Alon Stein
Tali Tzur
Yaniv Zilberman

Co-Chair: Tal Diamant
Co-Chair: Tomer Saban
Marina Kazatcker
Yossi Manor
Alon Mor
Mor Zucker
Nir Shay
Regional Director:
Tali Brauman

Tzippy Holand
Regional Director:
Nir Lerman

Regional Manager:
Ohad Nezer

Las Vegas
Chair: Yochanan Lowie
Dr. Miriam Adelson
Roni Amid
Dr. Adin Boldur
Shimi Coneh
Itay Dadon
Lior Gal
Idan Edry
Tal Hackmey
Dr. Neville Pokroy
Dr. Nili Sachs
Dr. Joseph Shalev
Ronnie Schwartz
Dr. Maryam Sina
Alan Sklar
Regional Manager:
Ofra Etzion

Los Angeles
Chair: Guy Bachar
Danny Alpert
Shawn Evenhaim
Mazal Hadad
Oded Krashinsky
Adi Livyatan
Adam Milstein
Amnon Mizrahi
Yossi Rabinovitz
Naty Saidoff
Miri Shepher
Regional Director:
Nadav Banai

Chair: Lydia Yomtovian Frankel
Galit Lev-Harir

New Jersey
Chair: Tal Shuster
Ruthie Bashan
Orly Chen
Yoni Marom
Taly Reggev
Yoel Shargian
Eyal Yechezkell
Regional Director:
Noa Raab

New York
Co-Chair: Gadi Slade
Co-Chair: Ariel Tirosh
Issy Daniell
Rachel Davidson
Ron Deutsch
Ran Fuchs
Oded Har-Even
Ronen Schwartzman
Jacky Teplitzky
Yael Weinstock-Shemesh
Shlomi Yedid
Regional Director:
Sharon Eyny

Orange County
Pazit Benizri
Regional Manager:
Ayelet Gross

Zach Benbassat
Regional Manager:
Idit Lotringer

Chair: Iris Hami
Jacob BenAri
Yerach Daskal
Ilana Israel
Moshe Porat
Abraham Shamir
Ben Strauss
Shmuel Yankelewitz
Regional Director:
Jonathan (Yoni) Ari

San Diego
Chair: Doron Malka
Lital Gottlieb
Avishag Ravid
Jennie Starr
Regional Director:
Merav Shenhar

San Francisco
Yaniv Garty
Regional Director:
Adi Hayun Perez

Regional Director:
Sigal Gavish

Washington, D.C.
Co-Chair: Gilly Arie
Elkana Bar Eithan
Nurit Coombe
Ittai Dvir
Asher Kotz
Amir Neeman
Ben Perry
Regional Director:
Orly Ben Eliyahu


Dr. Miriam & Mr. Sheldon G. Adelson




Dr. Miriam and
Sheldon G. Adelson



Debbie & Naty



Miri & Isaac



Cheryl & Haim



Gila & Adam



Dorit & Shawn




Dr. Miriam and Sheldon G. Adelson



Debbie and Naty Saidoff



Saban Family Foundation



Dorit and Shawn Evenhaim
Gila and Adam Milstein
The Marcus Foundation
EHB Companies - Merav & Yochanan
Lowie, Vickie & Paul Debart
Liat and Yonatan Rabin
Miri and Isaac Shepher



Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Greater Boston
Shirli Depas and Tzvika Diner
Nily Falic
The Diane P. & Guilford Glazer Fund
Sam Gonen
Holand Family Bridge of Love Foundation
Kraft Family Foundation
Liat and Yonatan Rabin
Samis Foundation
Iris and Haim Taib



Michal and Danny Alpert
Roni Amid
Bank Leumi USA
Daphna and Asher Bartov
Brenden Mann Foundation
Dorit and Ron Cohen
Orly and Issy Daniell
Ruth and Leo David
Rachel N. Davidson
Mark Davis
Idan Udi Edry
Susan Fine & Max Splika
Friends of Israel Scouts
Kfir Gavrieli
Sheryl and Rob Goldstein
Judy and David Hager
Israel Discount Bank
Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey
Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey
Kaplen JCC On The Palisades
Yasmin Lukatz
Tzipi and Daniel Mani
Alexandra and Stephan Odzer
One8 Foundation
Carol and David Paderski
Dr. Nili and Ben Sachs
Dorit and Ronnie Schwartz
Tal and Eyal Shuster
Elysia and Darcy Silver
David M Solomon
Mona and David Sterling
Esther and David Vered
Sheryl and David Wiener
Zalik Foundation



Revital and Ariel Ackerman
Naomi Zygiel-Almozlino and Prof. Avi Almozlino
Sara and Leonard Aronson
Atlanta Jewish Federation
Judy and Elie Balas
Pazit and Nati Benezri
Dr. Carmit and Dr. Adin Boldur
Diana and David Chesnoff
Ruth and Mike Davidov
Orna and David Delrahim
Rachel and David Fine
Linda and Michael Frieze
Goldfarb Seligman
Tal Hackmey
Mazal and Victor Hadad
Dalia and Amnon Hadari
Iris and Igal Hami
Dana and Yossie Hollander
Haskel Iny
Sarah and Ezie Isaac
Israel Bonds
Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles
Jewish Community Foundation Orange County and Jewish Federation & Family Services of Orange County
Jewish Federation of Greater Houston
Jewish Federation Of Greater Philadelphia
Jewish Federation Of Greater Washington
Jewish Federation of Las Vegas
Dr. Maryam Sina and Dr. Behzad Kermani
Dr. Roger D. Klein
Charlotte and Oded Krashinsky
Lisa and Fred Larian
Moussa Lavaee
Dina and Jonathan Leader
Leon Lowenstein Foundation
Omer Levin
Hinga and Eli Levite
Lexy and Sam Lionel
Adi and Asaf Livyatan
Orly and Richard Maciborski
Mayberg Foundation
Rosana and Alon Miller
Sharon Mishkin
Rikki and Alon Mor
Oded Nechushtan
Esther and Dr. Neville Pokroy
Mirit and Yossi Rabinovitz
Iris Sperber and Yoram Ron
Ruderman Family Foundation
Larry Ruvo
Dr. Sharon Shacham and Dr. Michael Kauffman
Sagi Shaked
Batsheva and Dr. Joseph Shalev
Randi and Tamir Shanel
Sheba Medical Center
Dr. Robert and June Shillman
Rivka and David Shimoni
Odeya and Avi Shlanger
Aline and Izek Shomof
Marcy and Jack Simon
Gadi Slade
Jacky Teplitzky
Ivy and Ariel Tirosh
Phil Rozansky - Tower Media
United Jewish Community of Broward County
Rachel and Sam Ventura
Molly and Israel Weinberg
Miriam and Dror Zadok
Ofer and Gil Zahavi
Zionist House Inc.
Rachel and Meni Zlicha



Nily Abramowitz and Gil Arie
Michael Ackerman
Udi and Shahar Aichel
Allscope Direct Advertising
Dalit and Elan Argil
Jacob Ben Ari
Renee and Gilly Arie
Nina and Avner Asor
AVM Industries
Maytal and Eli Bachar
Yoli and Guy Bachar
Bank Hapoalim Israel
Yaara Bank-Plotkin
Ruthie and Iftach Bashan
Hanit and Zach Benbassat
Joan Bennett and Kip Presher
Albert Berdugo
Dr. Susan Bondy and Lee Bussa
Elkana Breton
Orly and Shlomo Chen
Galit and Tamir Cohen
Philip H. Cohen
Kristina and Shimi Coneh
Nurit Coombe
Ben Cornwall
Natali and Itay Dadon
Sara and Oren Dagan
Helena D'Angelo
Shlomo Danieli
Lily Artenstein and Reuven Dar
Dr. Ierachmiel and Dalya Daskal
David Geller Associates, Inc.
Helen and Haim Dayan
Keren and Ron Deutsch
Zvika Steve Devir
Revital and Shay Diamant
Tal Diamant
Etty & Giora Dolgin
Mark Dorner
Nancy and Udi Dorner
Sivan and Patrick Dumont
Ilana and Isaac Edry
Karen and Haim Eide
Rick Elbaz
Faye and Steve Erdman
Eleazar Eskin
Susan and Behrouz Farahi
Jila Farahi
Rafael Feig
Bobbi and Peter Feinstein
First Bank
Shira and Rani Fuchs
Austin Fuentes
Annette and Lior Gal
Yaniv Garty
Michael Gaughan
Mali and Giora Gertel
Ofer Alon and Yariv Gilboa
Lital and Brett Gottlieb
Gila Guttmann
Naama and Amir Hadar
Kimberly and Alon Haim
Nadav Hamo
Orit and Oded Har-Even
Sandra Heffesse
Israel Christian Nexus
Ilana and Benjamin Israel
Jewish Community Foundation Orange County
Jewish Identity Center
Yulit Yospe and Moti Kachlon
Marina Kazatcker
Jenny and Marc Kessler
Jacob Kiferbaum
Daphna and Yair Kipman
Amit Y. Kleinberger
Gali Koren and Steve Abrams
Asher Kotz
Donna and Aria Kozak
Henry Kronberg
Avishay Levanon
Judy and Bud Levin
Yael and Meir Levy
Dr. Seffi Lobel
Rami Loya
Lucky 13 Foundation
Jason Lutin
Ursula and Dr. Doron Malka
Michal & Zahal Mansur
David Marom
Yoni Marom
Ola and Robert Mayer
Efrat and Ram Metser
Morton H. Meyerson Family Foundation
Ronit and Amnon Mizrahi
Elana and Udi Mokady
Amir Neeman
Rinat and Nathan Newman
Galit and Zahi Ofengart
Charlotte and Howard Perley
Holly and Ben Pery
Premier Access Insurance Company
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Rachel and Moshe Porat
Aviva and Eyal Postelnik
Deborah and David Powell
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Dorit and Gabi Raviv
Shira & Nadav Razon
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Adi Waissman and Tomer Saban
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Karen Paz Sandman and Ari Sandman
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Iris and Chen Schor
Phyllis R Schwartz
Rosalinda and Stuart Seldowitz
Dr. Irene Mizrahi and Dr. Daniel Serfaty
Liz and Abe Shamir
Karen and Eddie Shammay
Odelia and Yoel Shargian
Nir Shay
Pastors Vicki and David Shearin
Uri Shemesh
Ofer Shepher
Hanna and Ben Shlomi
Tiranit and Avi Shoshan
Linda and Alan Sklar
Dr. Onir and Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel and Spiegel Center
Jennie and Stuart Starr
Alon Stein
Sigal and Benjamin Strauss
Liat and Tali Tzur
Nancy and Irv Weinberger
Yael Weinstock-Shemesh and Nir Weinstock
Dana and Michael Werner
Yifat and Eyal Yechezkell
Dora Straus and Shlomi Yedid
Danna and Lior Yehuda
Joy and Uri Zelmanovich
Yaniv Zilberman
Michal and Gil Zimmermann
Leah and Daniel Ohev Zion
Mor Zucker



Asaf Barashi
Dr. Robert and Linda Berkley
Chabad of Summerlin
Tom Dadon
Elevon Enterprise
Nancy and Larry Epstein
Ofra and Yoav Etzion
Wendy and Donnie Gibson
Dr. Terry and Beth Higgins
Lorena and Rick Korbel
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Bonnie and Art Marshall
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Howard Perlman
Dr. William Resh
Allen Rice
Juli and Dr. Saul Ruben
Michael Saltman
Ruth and Rick Sender
Michelle and David Tavdi
Lisa and Neil Wallack
Dawn Ziroli


Rachel and Avi Abel
Adelson Educational Campus
Rakefet and Arie Aharon
Meir Amsalam
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Uzi Avnery
Bank Of America
Moshe Bar
Gabriel Benshimon
Birthright Israel Foundation
Ronnie Bitman
Leora and Rob Blau
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Orly and Nir Caspi
Chabad of Henderson
Alona Cohen
Ben Simhayoff Cohen
Congregation Emanu- El San Francisco
Dr. Joel Davidson
Jordanna and Chuck Dorfman
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Jane Gol
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Roxanne Mofaz
Galit Kimerling Moreau
Mojgan and Ilan Nachassi
Doris and Rami Nagola
Gideon Naim
Tal Navarro
Jonathan Norris
Kinneret Pahima
Brian Pane
Par 3 Landscape & Maintenance
Gal Paz
Suzy Peled and Ori Spigelman

Nili and Gil Peretz
Xu and Guy Perry
Eyal Pinchas
Karen and Oz Porat
Meir Raanan
Orly Raanan
Inbal and Zori Rabinovitz
Gilat Rapaport
Thea Raskin
Sigalit and Yaniv Regev
Micha Riss
Dr. Fariborz Rodef
Bruce Rosenthal
Oren Rosenthal
Deborah Steve Roth
Sophie Sacasio
Julie Altman and Alex Sagan
Naomi and Noam Sahbti
Liveops Agent Services, LLC
Dalia Sassoon
Leona and Stephan Schweizer
Roni Sfadia
Holly and Homi Shamir
Roy Shemesh
Merav and Ran Shenhar
Sharon and Isaac Shpigelman
Ellie and Barry Shrage
Micky Shulman
Paula and John Sinclair
Andrea Sipes
Limor and Mike Spilky
Danny & Maya Stern
Michael Swieca
Daryl Tempkin
Anna Teper
Triple E Real Estate
Sigal Urman
Vajima Family
Richard Warner
Jen and Amiel Weinstock
Kathy and Stuart Weinstock
Sharon and Dvir Weiss
Lea and Vick Wolf
Alison Wolfson
Pita Xpress
Shay Yaakov
Liat Yardeni
Oren Yehezkely
Yomtob Family
Michal and Eli Yudovin
Oz Zamir
Bob Zeidman
Liz and Nir Zvingler


Shaul Aaroni
Efrat Aaroni
Roi Abarbanel
John H Abeles MD
Lara Abelsohn
Noam Aberbach
Eyal Abitbul
Alexander Abramov
Maya Abramson
Ben Abu Family
Abuhazira Family
Ido Achrak
Steven Ackerman
Betty and Brent Adams
Adar Family
Adath Israel
Caren Adler
Emily and Dan Adler
Itai Afriat
Agiv Family
Ilana Aybar Agron
Aharon Family
Aharonovich Family
Esther Ahdoot
Rinat and Uzi Ailon
Avner Alaluf
Asher Alcobi
Aldana Family
Teresa Allen
Dorit Alon
Leeor Alpern
Liat Alster
Michael Alter
Linor and Chen Altit
Altschuler Family
Amar Family
Amazon Smile
Nava Amiel
Amit Family
Amon Family
Journo Family
Chana Anderson
Edward Andrews
Linda Andron
Angel Family
Samuel Anidjar
Anvar Family
Ava Apple
Dalia Apple
Appleman Family
Naama Arad
Naomi Arbel
Maayan Arbili
Azar Ardebilchi
Levhar Ardon Family
Jonathan Ari
Ben Ari Family
Arkin Family
Dana Aronovich
Geila Aronson
Jonathan Art
Hagit Brit Artzi
Shai Arviv
Asaf Family
Hanna Ashar
Lital Asher-Dotan and Didi Dotan
Maya and Eran Ashkenazi
Sigi Ashwal
Karin Assayag
Moran Assayag
Avatichi Family
Avda Family
Nancy Averbach
Avidani Family
Iris Avigal
Einav Aviner
Liam Avisar
Natan Avisar
Avital Family
Judy Avner
Avramovitz Family
Shraga Avruch
Noam Ayalon
Azar Family
Azran Family
Lihi and Yonatan Azran
Azulay Family
Smadar Ben-Shoshan Babchuck
Roy Bachrach
Renne Bainvoll
Maya Bajayo
Bajeca Family
Jill and Rabbi Marc Baker
Joe Bakhash
Bakshy Family
Monique Balbuena
Nancy Ballard
Uri Y. Bank
Lilach Bar
Bar Eitan Family
Tal and Mory Barak
Bar-am Family
Baranes Family
Tal and Isaac Barel
Shoshi and Shai Barkai
Yosef Barkai
Danny Barlev
Barlev Family
Bar-mashiah Family
The Barnik Tarbut Foundation
Edith Barnik
Ehud Barnik
Eldar Bar-Or
Iris Barr
Ariel Barrett
Batia Barsever
Sageet Baryam
Joni Lieberman Basen
Bayley Family
Amichai Becker
Liz Becker
Tania Bekerman
Bela Family
Adi Ben Meir
Ben Moshe Family
Moty Ben Yona
Taly Ben Yosef
Ben-abba Family
Amnon Benabu and Sam Prinzi
Hadas and Yoram Ben-amram
Eliad & Osnat Benari
Nataly Ben-ari
Rami Ben-aroya
Ziv Ben-david
Rakefet Benderly and Kevin Fisher
Ben-eliyahu Family
Amihai Benhorin
Ben-horin Family
Ben-hur Family
Mor Ben-moshe
Shuli Ben- Natan
Brian Bennett
Or Benoz
Motty Ben-shahar
Tamar Ben-shahar
Miriam Ben-shoham
Bensimhon Family
Benson Family
Sarah Benson-konforty
Benyacov Family
Efraim Benyakir
Roy Berenholtz
Berg Family
R. Bill Bergstein
Louis Berk
Sara Berk
Jerry Berkman
Berkow Family
Bermann Family
Bernard Family
Tamar Bernhardt
Bernstein Family
Ilanit Bero
Besser Family
Oren Bierkatz
Yris Bilia
Leona Binnfeld
Jerry Birenz
Donna Bishri
Bitan Family
Ron Bivas
Daniel Blanaru
Kedem Blatt
Rod Blau
Saul Blinkoff
Diane Bluestein
Hilit Blutman
Bodner Family
Galit Bokobza
Booganim Family
Marcia Borensztain
Youry Borisenkov
Borsutsky Family
Adi Bossem
David Bottomley
Boukai Family
Adin and Karmit Boulder
Bouzaglo Family
Bram-mostyn Family
Daniel Brandriss
Esther Brass
Gabrielle Brechner
Norma Brecker
Michael Brejda
Brener Family
Donna Brenner
Lindsay Bressman
Noah Brier
Etty and Arie Brish
Benjamin Brody
Bronchtain Family
Craig Brown
Yael Brudner
Ilan & Simara Bruhim
Brunner Family
Nili Bulis
Bulka Family
Burg Family
Paul Burstein
Burstin Family
Butbul Family
Sigal Byrnes
Calderon Family
Lawrence Calmus
Tzvi Caplan
Caricato Family
Sharon Carmeli
Civia Caroline
Alan Carpien
Moshe Caspi
Chabad of Red Rock
Gil and Raviv Chalamish
Chapnick Family
Manuelle Charbonneau
Sharon Chard-yaron
Perry Charloff
Marty Chays
Dafna Chazin
Naomi and Uzi Chen
Maya Chen
Tehila Cherubino
Beth Chesir
David Chesir
Glen Chesir
Tal Chiperling
Chivo Family
Chizik Family
Danielle Ciccoli
Sarit Cioban
Cnaan Family
Adam Cohen
Adi Cohen
Ariel Cohen
Ariella Cohen
Boaz Cohen
Daniel Cohen
David Cohen
Debbie Cohen
Ellen Cohen
Lise Cohen
Merri Cohen
Mirela Cohen
Natalie Cohen
Netta Cohen
Noga Cohen
Sahar Cohen
Keren and Sean Cohen
Seth Cohen
Siena Naaman Cohen
Tiffany Cohen
Miri Cohen
Yael Cohen-arazi
Iris Cohen-carmel
Lilach Cohen-holden
Cohen-zimerman Family
Adela Cojab
Isaiah Cooper
Diane Cordero
Curca Family
Topaz Dagan
Eshter Dagani
Peleg Dahan Family
David Dahan
Hagit and Moshe Dahan
Theodore Dake
Dana Family
Danan Family
Neta Danciger
Raffaella Sadun and Vito Levi d'Ancona
Avital and Yaron Daneshavske
Joe Danziger
Orly Dar
Dar Family
Lior David
David Family
Aleksander Davila
Drora Davis
Lisbeth Davis
Sarit Dayan
Simona Dayan
Susan Decastro
Dekalo Family
Miriam Delasalle
Marilyn Deleon
Alina Demeter
Coral Denakis
Lilach Depas
Dermer Family
Diamant-yefet Family
Dinowitz Family
Bernie Dishler
Pazit Dishon
Djerassi Family
Dolgi Family
Jess Dolgin
Jon Dolgin
Mayrav Dolgin
Doni Family
Yuri Donskoy
Oren Ben Dor
Dori Family
Nathaniel Dorsey
Dotan Family
Eddie Dove
John Dowd
Rona Dray
Barbra Drizin
Ronit Droker
Dina Dror
Gitit Shoval and Ron Druyan
Morris Dubin
Lior Dubnov
Sharona Durry
Anat Duvdevani
WDB Agency
Dvir Family
Edelman Family
Moran Edelshtein
Michal and Boaz Edelstein
Jacob Edery
Amram Edri
Hinanit Edri
Lior Edri
Gila Efrati
Sharon Efron
Ann Ehrenzweig
Ehrman Family
Dalia Eichhorn
Alon Eida
Mirit and Ori Eisen
Sarit Elbaz
Elbaz Family
Eldar Family
Elias Family
Elishvili Family
Kimberly Ellenson
Danielle Ellison
Efrat Elmakis
Uri Elzur
Engel Family
Smadar Engelberg
Narkis and Ronen Engler
Angela Epstein
Anshel Epstein
Barak Epstein
Chana Epstein
Jonathan Epstein
Shani Epstein
Erez Family
Erlich Family
Nachum Erlich
Noa Erlitzki
Ronit Erlitzki
Roya Esmaeiliyan
Etti Family
Michal Even
Edan Evenhaim
Hanna and Dr. Chaim Eyal
Eylon Family
Vicki Fairman
Edwin Farber
Michal Farid
Farkash Family
Fechter Family
Anat Feinberg
Igor Feldman
Joanne Feldman
Feldman Family
Fellah Family
Avi Feneche
Marika Feuerstein
Riki Fine
Michael Finfer
Roi Finish
Rosen Fink Family
Finkelstein Family
Fischer Family
Shalom Fisher
Fishler Family
Fishman Family
Flax Family
Amir Fleminger
Gilbert Flores Jr
Amit Fogel
Eagle Lines Moving
Forbes Family
Linda Foroozan
Fox Family
Sherrie Frachtman
Karine Feldman-Franco and Maor Franco
Jeffrey Frank
Frank Family
Alexander Printing and Embroidery
Frankel Family
Franklin Family
Frede Family
Maureen Freedman
Silvi Freedson
Freedson Family
Dr. Margarita Meta and Robert Freeman
Sharon Freeman
Tanya Freeman
Fremed Family
Freund Family
Shiri Freund
Fried Family
Nirit and Gabriel Friedlander
Dana Diskin Freidman
Mannes Friedman
Friedman Family
Robin Friedman
Friedmann Family
Alona Fromberg-elkayam
Shiri and Ilan Bar Niv
Fuller Family
Alon Gabay
Gada Family
Gaffin Family
Gafni Family
Gainsburg Family
Raanon Gal
Talya Galaganov
Tali Galai
Yaron Galai
Hagit Galatzer
Pearly Gal-edd
Galer Family
Tami Galili
Taly and Micha Galor
Rebeccah Gan
Mor Garber
Gat Family
Nava Gazitt
Michael Gedal
Gefen Family
David Gefen
David Geffner
Tereze Gegaj
Tomer Gekler
Elly Geldwerth
Sara Geller
Genis Family
Gershenoff Family
Adina and Ron Gerson-Gurwitz
Bill Gersten
Gertz Family
Gesser Family
Getter Family
Michal Geva
Shlomi Geva
Gibori Family
Eric Giesser
Omri Ben Gigi
Gilad Family
Dikla Giladi-Nadler and Dror Nadler
Olga Gilburd
Beena Givati
Ran Givati
Ronit Givoly
Avi Glaser
Glasgow Family
Liat Glassberg
David Glassman
Glazer Family
Olga Glozman
Goell Family
Marcy Gohen
Golan Family
Mali Golan
Ilana Gold
Gold Family
Ruth Gold
Abigail Goldberg
Arnold Goldberg
Joshua Goldberg
Sara Goldberger
Jonathan Golden
Goldenstein Family
Goldfarb Family
Sam Goldman
Bryan Goldsmith
Phil Goldstein
Sandy Goldstein
Elliot Golenberg
Guy Gonen
Ossi Goodbeer
Goodman Family
Gopman Family
Gordon Family
Karine Gordon

Barry Goren
Goren Family
Olga Gorodetsky
Eshai Gorshein
Paul Gorshel
Robyn Gottlieb
Roni Gottlieb
Melita Govsheev
Tali Grach
Reut and Harel Gradus
Anna Grady
Anat Granath
Ariel Graves
Gray Family
Grayevsky Family
Eileen Green
Green Family
Peter Greenberg
Greenberg Family
Randi and Steven Greenspan
Greenspan Family
Greenspan Family
Sarah Gribetz
Gideon Grinstein
Amanda Grounds
Michael Gruber
Haya Gur
Gurevitch Family
Doron Gutkind
Nirit Haas
Habari Family
Haber Family
Dror and Efrat Habusha
Hacohen Family
Hadas Family
Ilan Hafri
Rinat Hahmigery
Haiat Family
Lihen Ben Haim
Nitzan Haklai
Elisheva Halevy
Simon Halff
Halili Family
Eva Halpert
Haviva Halpert
Hammel Family
Hamu Family
Ayelet Hanina
Netanel Harat
Mary Harel
Ricky Harel
Tal Harel
Yarden Harel
Donna Harely
Harir Family
Tamar Haritan
Segev Harosh
Brett Harrison
Abraham Hartenstein
Mor-li Hartman
Hartung Family
Lior Hason
Hassidim Family
Inbal Haya
Hanita Hayim
Dafna Hayman
Gal Hayon
Hazani Family
Haziza Family
Etta Heber
Iris Heffes
Nir Hiefetz
Hermony Family
Herrmann Family
Anna Hershey
Micky Hervitz
Herzka Family
Zion Hilelly
Alexander Hillman
Toby Hirsch
Sarit Hirschkorn
Meredith Hirshfeld
Hirshman-rave Family
Hirth Family
Einat Hoch
Limor Hochberg
Hochenboym Family
Karin Hochman
Hoch-stein Family
Guy Hoenig
Miriam Hoffman
Natty Hoffman
Hilla Hoitash
Dina Holan
Hollingsworth Family
Valued Homes
Adi Horesh
Olivia Hull
Hillel Hurwitz
Eva Hyam
Iberkleid Family
Iloni Family
Ezra Inbar
Noah Inbar
Tali Cohen Inbar
Insoft Family
Ioane Family
Ronen Itakh
Italiano Family
Ronit Itskovich
Jack M. Barrack Hebrew Academy
Jacob Family
Jacobowitz Family
Brad Jacobs
Jacobson Family
Alan Jamnik
Logan Jarquin
Mark Jawitz
Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Phoenix
Jewish Federation Orlando/ Roth JCC
Faye Johnson
Joly Family
Fagin Jones Family
Patricia Jordan
Shirly Josef
Rabbi Joseph
Merav Greenberg and Eran Jurman
K Family
Sabina K
Nadav Kadar
Audrey Kadis
Ruvanne and Oded Kadosh
Malka Kaduri
Ron Kafker
Emanuel Kahana
Kahn Family
Dorit Kahn
Kaiser Family
Iris Kalach
Idit Kalderon
Shoshana Kalderon
Inna Gelfer Kalmanovich
Lynnsie Kantor
Rena Kantor
Shai Kaplan
Kaplan Family
Kaplow Family
Bella Kapulkin
Merav Karni
Carol Kashan
Jennifer Kasmer
Ronit Katalan
Kathein Family
Shahar Katz
Shoshana Katz
Eliezer Katzoff
Kavsan Family
Roman Kazinnik
Orit Kedar
Anat Keinan
Keinan Family
Ofir Keissar
Kenen Family
Dallas Kennedy
Jennifer Kepnes
Efi Keren
Shoshana Keren
Amit Amar Keret
Keren Keshet
Dara Kessler
Israel Khachewatsky
The Rashi School
Arthur Kilongo
Al Kinel
Joel King
Taylor King
Kipersztok Family
Michael Kirchofer
Kirschen-hamani Family
Tsila Kirsh
Iris Kirshenbaum
Sara Kishoni
Danielle Klausner
Kleiman Family
Anat Klein
Eden Klein
Ofir Klein
Orly Klein
Sigal and Effi Klein
Sam Kleinman
Klingman Family
Rachel and Uri Klugman
Knaan Family
Alma and Ran Knishinsky
Valerie Knowles
Felica Kobylanski
Avivit Kochavi
Kochli Family
Ilana Koeinov
Elina Kogan
Paul Kogan
Rachel Kogan
Sara Kogon
Kohn Family
Lola and Martin Kohn
Kolesnikov Family
Orit Kom
Konstantino Family
Kopernik Family
Eran Koren
Pini Koren
Paul Korngold
Bonnie Kossoff
Keren and Yaniv Koter
Kotler Family
Nitzan Kotler
Limor Kovar
Ari Kowalsky
Stuart Kozlick
Krausen Family
Emilio Krausz
Joseph Krauze
Natalie Krechely
Yael Kreiner
Kreitman Family
Sagit Krieger
Gabriela Kroszynski and Shahar Layani
David Kruger
Ronit Kulick
Gabriel Kunzer
Kurtzman Family
Larissa Kushkuley
Kushner Family
Peter Kussell
Kutash Family
Galit Kuvshinov
Pnina Kuznits
Deborah Labarge
Lachmann Family
Keren Lachover
Miles Ladenheim
Adi Lador
Alin Lahmy
Tomer Lahmy
Erez Landau
Landen Family
Rakefet Landes
Ester and Yossi Landesman
Arik Landsman
Cohen Langman Family
Laredo Family
Larovich Family
Rachel Laskin
Robbyn Laufer
Lavi Family
Daphne and Peer Lavi
Einav and Neri Lavi
Hilit Lavi
Michael Lavipour
Eti Lazarian
Noah Lebowitz
Gili Lederman Avneri
Harry Leff
Dr. Shlomo Lehavi
Leib Family
Annabel Lemberger
Lemesch Family
Lentz Family
Zafra Lerman
Lerner Family
Rinat and Asaf Lerner
Lesser Family
Lev Family
Ronan Lev
Chen and Doron Levari
Leve Family
Hagar Levi
Levi Family
Alex Levich
Leviev Family
Ayelet and Eyal Levin
Levin Family
Steven D. Levin
Susan Levin
Levine Family
Richard Levine
Tori Levine
Estrella Levinsky
Vered Levinson
Levinson Family
Tzahi Levinzon
Levis Family
Levkoff Family
Levkov Family
Shani Levkovitz
Irina Levtchin
Adi Levy
Avital Levy
Cesar Levy
David Levy
Dean Levy
Guy Levy
Hila Levy
Yael Levy
Luda and Ziv Levy
Maayan Lipiner and Yali Levy
Mattthew Levy
Nancy Levy
Rafy Levy
Ron Levy
Tal Levy
IDB Bank
Yaron Levy
Reuben Lewy
Lichtenfeld Family
Yaron Lidor
Nora and Allen Liebermam
Lieberman Family
Erez Liebermann
Joel Liebman
Noam Lindenboim
Lipin Family
Lipson Family
Stephanie Listokin
Dali and Natan Litinski
Andrea Litvin
Livnat Family
Jonathan Livnat
Jonathan Livni
Steven London
Tony Lonstein
Iris and Schachar Lovett
Charles Lowenstein
Sheldon Lowenthal
Martin Lurie
Lurya Family
Lustig Family
Linda Machlis
Osnat Madar
Katriel Magid
Modi Magid-slav
Magnezi Family
Magril Family
Mahlab Family
Arza Maimon
Inbar Malevski
Michael Mamroth
Man Family
Laura Mandel
Mandel-portnoy Family
Raya Mandler
Nicole Mann
Sagit Manor
Sharon and OC Manos
Maoz Family
Marcovich Family
Miriam Marcus
Slava Marcus
Yehuda Marcus
Ran Margalit
Margalit Family
Keren Margolis
Ali Marks
Marks Family
Marmor Family
Mary Family
Mashiach Family
Mashinsky Family
Shabtay Matalon
Liad Matatyahu
Mathiowitz Family
Matkowsky Family
Ira May
Allison Mayo
May-rom Family
Mazor Family
Esther Mazor
Maayan Mcabian
Megan Mcdermott
Tamara Kremer Mecabell
Donna Medina
Roy Meged
Meir Family
Meirovitch Family
Seth Meisler
Lauri Meizler
Esther Melamed
Ido Melamed
Keren Melamed
Melin Family
Debbie Meline
Katherine Melioris
Meloch Family
Memberg Family
Hava Mendelberg
Avner Mendelson
Mendoza Family
Marion Menzin
Russell Meppen
Guy Merin
Oscar Messer
Yosef Messer
Metzler Family
Meushar Family
Yael Michaely
Arthur Miller
Doron Miller
Nathalie and Hilel Miller
Minkoff Family
Haia and Uri Mintz
Galit Berman Miron
Reuth Mirsky
Danielle and Hayim Mizrachi
Menashe Mizrahi
Mizrahi Family
Yuval Monka
Lisa Moore
Adi Moorman
Anat Mor
Keren Mor
Liat Mor
Ofira Mor
Stacey Mor
Suzanne Morad
Eliyahu Moradzadeh
Keren Morag-ohnona
Mor-avi Family
Samir Mordechay
Moriel Family
Raya Morrad
Morton Family
Oshi Moscovich
Ricki Moseley
Mosenco Family
Naomi Moshkovitz
Moshkovski Family
Moss Family
Rosine Moss
Moyer Family
Mulieri Family
Muller Family
Dani Nachtigal
Nadir Family
Osnat Shushlev Nahum
Junta Nakai
Ronen Nakash
Nanazashvili Family
Yossi Nasser
Bar Natan Family
Ayelet Nathaniel
Nathhaniel Family
Yael Nativ
Heather Navarro
Sharon Naveh
Noa Navon
Ruth Nazarian
Fran Nedjat-Haiem
Michelle Needle
Yael Neeman-Schubert and Shai Schubert
Gabriella Nejman
Liad Nemeth
Netz Family
Lior Neuman
Alexandra Newman
Dalia Newman
Howard Newman
Robert Newman
Nextiva Nextiva
Andy Neymit
Eric Nguyen
Karen Rosental Nigri
Ali Nikdel
Inbar Nir
Rotem Nir
Nishli Family
Nissan Family
Eric Nissan
Raya Nitzan
Keren Niv
Keren Noam
Noams Family
Anastasia Nobel
Ifat and Yaniv Bejerano
Margaret Noorani
Moran Shekel Nosatzki
Moshe Odentz
Shanit Oesterle
Dafna Ofer
Oren Ofir
Or and Adi Ohana
Lihi and Yonatan Olsha
Limor Ophir
Oppenheim Family
Shira and Eran Or
Yaakov Oranski
Hedva and Amit Orgad

Liat Oron
Oron Family
Liat Oron
Ortner Family
Danielle Osher
Oshins Family
Yoni Osteen
Ovadia Family
OVED Family
Limousine Service Galaxy
Karen Oz
Nicole and Alon Ozer
Ozery Family
Leora Ozsvath
Palmon Family
Gisele Panzullo
Park Family
Shelly and Itai Parness
Pashtan Family
David Pasternak
Shelly Pasternak
McDermott Will & Emery LLP
Tali Pearson
Marla Peckler
Yael Pelc
Peled Family
Hillel Peled
Reggie Peled
Jodi Peleg
Tali Peleg
Peles Family
Roni Penchas
Josephine Percy
Peretz Family
Orly Perez
Shira Perez
Ben Peri
Johanna Perlin
Mina Perlin
Perlman Family
Zipporah Perlmutter
Pfizer Inc.
Ifat Piekarz
Pinto Family
Jenny and Boris Pinzur
Pittel Family
Pizem Family
Dov Plattner
Plummer Family
Halina Podlipsky
Cathy Polakoff
Bonnie Pollak
Teresa Pollin
Nir Pony
Phyllis Ellis Popper
Porat Family
Iris Porat
Susan and Norman Posner
Lawrence Poster
Elchanan Poupko
Pour Family
Press Family
Audrey Prins
Prussak Family
Pyle Family
Raab Family
Rabe Family
Julia Rabinovich
Orna Rabinovich
Michal Kimeldorfer and Guy Rabinowitz
Hayim Raclaw
Uri and Sherryl Radbil
Alan Radding
Elenor Radzivilover
Nehama Ram
Dr. Ravi Ramanathan
Dana Ramon
Ramstetter Family
Neallie Ranon
Barbara Rascoff
Ron Ratovsky
Rauch Family
Natalie Raum
Avishag Ravid and Ronen Benshoshan
Ruth Ravid
Keerthana Ravikumar
Amnon Raviv
Nirit Raviv
Edna Raz
Idan Raz
Raz Family
Shiran Razon
Rebish Family
Orly Rechany
Donna Regev
Yaron Regev
Reggev Family
Taly Reggev
Dor Reich
Yitshak Reichman
Inna Reinus
Yana Reinus
Varda and Ilan Reizes
Gal and Ram Reshef
Iris Reshef
Retzkin Family
Reuben Family
Reut Family
Shlomi Reuveni
Jonathan Rhodes
Chaya Richman
Elizabeth and Lorne Richmond
Yudi Riesel
Rinati Family
Sherill Rister
Melody H Ritt
Elizabeth Rodan
Leon Rogson
Debbie Rolan
Laurel Rom
Tovi and Yehuda Romano
Ahuva Ron
Ron Family
Dorit Ronen
Ronen-attia Family
Daniel Rosen
Devora Rosen
Sheldon Rosenbaum
Maya Rosenberg
Rachel Rosenberg
Robert Rosenberg
Marci Rosenthal
Ross Family
Rossian Family
Rachely Rotem
Dorin Roth
Richard Roth
Robert Roth
Marc Rothman
Shelly Rothschild
Orit and Ziv Rozenblum
Rozin Family
Lilach Rozner
Amanda Rubin
Eve Rubinstein
Rittenberg Rubinstein Family
Kathryn Rudnick
Karin Rush
Saar Family
Dina Sachar
Maurie and David Sachs
Sachter Family
Amir Sadeh
Sadok Family
Sadon Family
Orna Safer
Simona Sagir
Saham Family
Roberto Salama
Michael Salpeter
Oren Salzman
Brenda Bartnicki Sametz
Yafit Sananes
Haggit and Eran Sandhaus
Vered and Adi Sapir
Yaniv Sapir
Saposhnik Family
Daphna Sarlui
Arye Sasson
Cipora For Jonathan Sasson
Eliyahu Sasson
Savaya Family
Nadia Savir
Savir-baruch Family
Devin Sawdayi
Maayan Sayag
Pamela Scheinman
Schetrit Family
Gary Schiller
Schisterman Family
Stacy Schlactus
Sharone Schlaffer
Shay Schlafman
Megan Schnaid
Schneider Family
Omer Schneider
Carol Schneiderman
Schnitman Family
Karen Schoeneborn
Joshua Schonfeld
Noa and Omri Schor
Schori Family
Ian Schorr
Carl Schwartz
Peter And Sheryl Schwartz
Rachel Schwartz
Sari Schwartz
Tuly Segman Schwartz
Larry Schweitzer
Anna Seban
Omer Sedan
Anna Segal
Deborah Segal
Jacob Segal
Kali Segal
Boston Air Duct Cleaning
Segal Family
Shiri and Ilan Segev
Seidel Family
Yishai Seiff
Abby Seitelman
Sejdi Family
Lior Sekler
Selber Family
Selig Family
Sella Family
Stacy Seltzer
Michael Sendler
Seruya Family
Ayelet Sery
Samuel Shachar Family
David Shafshak
Gal and Tzvika Shahaf
Shahal-Schiffer Family
Shakerchi Family
Shamir Family
Sharon Shapiro
Lychen Sharir
Elad Sharon
Mattan Sharvit
Shaveet Family
Shdaimah Family
Jason Shechter
Shedlaz Family
Hagar Shefer
Ben Sheffer Family
Daniela Shefler
Sheinfeld Family
Negev Shekel
Shencher Family
Shenhar Family
Jim Sherman
Sheskin Family
Dr.Oded and Galit Shezifi
Shichor Family
Nadav Shifman
Shiks Family
Shill Family
Shimshak Family
Shirin Family
Ronny Shisgal
Shkedi Family
Ariella Shkolnik
Lihi and Itay Shoshani
Ziona Shprecher
Yedidia Shraga
Shuflita Family
Orna Shulman
Liat Shuly
Limor Shvartz
Gilad And Miriam Shwartz
Shelly Shwartz
Michelle Siano
Sidi Family
Jonathan Siegal
Debra Siegel
Shael Siegel
Siff Family
Ben Sigel
Silberberg Family
Sheryl Silver
Sara Silverberg
Natali Simantov
Itamar Simhon
Jack Simkhay
Simmons Family
Simon Family
Hillel Sims
Assaf Sinai
Miko Sion
Gary Skulnik
Leslie and Craig Slater
Donna Slotnick
Sheila Small
Smirnov Family
Antoinette Adah Smith
Colin Smith
Ilana Smith
Susan Smith
Cindy Smukler
Corrine Snof
Steven Snyder
Keith Solar
Daniel Solomon
Stephen Soper
Shani Sorensen
Edeet Soroker
Helen Spector
Tamar Spektor
Elisheva Sperber
Spivack Family
Michal Spivak
Anne Sportas
Sprung Family
Beth Sroka
Ilene Stallman
Rachel Stark
Anna Stein
Evelyn Stein
Mindy Stein
Ronen Stein
Steinberg Family
Steinbock Family
Yael Steinfeld
Batzion Stern
Stern Family
Michael Stern
Adrianne Sternthal
Karen Stesis
Eve Stieglitz
Jessica Stockman
David and Carol Stollar
Naomi Stonberg
Streichman Family
Joy Sturm
Lori Suissa
Sultan Family
Gail Sussman
Marsha Sussman and Howard Salpeter
Aron Swerdlin
Judith Sydney and Aviva Sapers
Ron Tabor
Yifat and Motti Tadmor
Talcove-berko Family
Liran Tamam
Efrat Tamary
Meirav Tamir
Gilda Tawfik-Coco
Linda Teller
Tenenbaum Family
Teomi Family
Sean Dobens Teplitzky
Teplow Family
Jes Testertone
Oriyan Thacker
The Riviera Parliament
Tiagai Family
Tischler Family
Ronen Tivony
Shelby Jiggetts Tivony
Dganit Toren and Tamir Cohen
Lawrence Torres
Ronit Totah
Crystal Toussaint
Odelya Trabelsi
Dan Trajman
Trangle Family
Kimberlee Trigoboff
David Tusia
Tyler Family
Tzabbar Family
Tzila Family
Liat Tzionov
Shiri Tzuk
Rina Uziel and Henry Kressel
Binah Vachtel
Moshe Vainer
Sorin Vainer
Vaisler Family
Sigalit Vardi
Noa Vardy-Boros
Venturelli Family
Keren Vered
Vestin Family
Immanuela Vishkin
Amir Vitale
Olivia Wagner
Wahnon Family
Penina Wainer
Caroline Waisberg
Kristin Waite
John (jack) Waitkus
Natalie Walden
Richard Waloff
Yael Wapinski
Ward Family
Tal Wasserstein
Mary Watson
Seth Wax
Jeffrey Webber
Weigel Family
Dana Weinberg
Weinberg Family
Micha Weinblatt
Larry A Weiner
Limor Weinstein
Mark Weinstein
Shiri Weinstein
Naomi Weinstein
Weinsweig Family
Mark Weintraub
Weisberger Family
Agnes Weiss
Caroline Weiss
Mayan Weiss
Michal Weiss
Modi Weiss
Hanna Weissberger
Sapir Weizman
Shani Wellisch
Wellish Family
Wells Family
Anat and Idan Werpoler
Wertheim Family
Anat Weshler
Dorin and Asaf Wessely
Noa Weyl
Cayle White
Rebecca White
Shelly Wienberg
Wilf Family
Wilhelm Family
Oded Wilson
Wing Family
Alon Wizen
Woidislavsky Family
Wolberg-yoeli Family
Keren and Oren Wolf
Wrem Family
Sandra Wuliger
Evan Wyner
Galit Yaakobovitz
Sarit Yaakobovitz
Seffi Yaaran
Limor Yackobovitch-biggs
Karin Weiss-yacobi
Doron Yacoby
Sigal Yadid
Yakobi Family
Ben Yanai
Anat Yaniv
Yankelewitz Family
Ohad Yarmovski
Carlos Ybarra
Nissim Yeheskel
Efrat Yellin
Tamar Yemini
Dikla Yerushalmi
Josh Yeyni
William Yisrael
Gal Yochanan
Dikla Yogev
Robyn Youkilis
Young Israel/Aish of Las Vegas
Yovel Family
Betty Yurcich
Sahar Yohay Zaarur
Ran Zvi Zafir
Lee Zaguri
Zaken Family
Orit Zaken
Jacob Zakif
Zalkin-weisskopf Family
Jennifer Zana
Haim Zano
Oren Zarin
Oxana Zaslavsky
Shelley and Gary Zausmer
Irina Zaydman
Zeig Family
Nataly and Michael Zeltser
Amihai Zeltzer
Robert Zelwin
Tali Zerzion
Sapir Zetlaou
Marsha Zibalese-Crawford
Ellen Zickmann
Emily Ziedman and Oren Petraru
Zilbering Family
Zilberman Family
Diana Zilker
Dorina Zindel
Mira Zinger
Zitomer Family
Hadas Sasson Zitomer
Ziv Family
Juley Zizi
Rinat Zizi
Orlee Zorbaron
Judy Zuckerman
Miriam Zuckerman
Zur Family
Ula Zusman
Bar Zvi Family